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Simple yet exquisite. Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season helps you create extraordinary dining experiences, anytime, in ways that suit your palate, culture, and style. This new guide brings together all the inspiration a host or hostess needs to create lasting memories around food and family.

Explore how our book helps you spice up your table with unique styles and create extraordinary dining experiences, anytime of the year. This fabulous coffee table book is an inspiring guide to help you entertain and get pass option paralysis so that you can create a wonderful experience with your community.  Our books also make for an awesome, thoughtful gift to a friend, a family member or to your favorite customers.  We offer two versions of our company branded books so that you can choose your special way to recognize customer appreciation.

Four Seasons:

  • Each season has its unique foods, holidays, and events. Our seasonal grouping of menus will inspire your creativity and streamline your planning.

Twelve Themes:

  • Within each of our four seasons, we offer a four-course menu and mouthwatering photos to help you design exquisite cuisines and tables that impress and delight.

Curated Cuisine:

  • Save yourself the time and challenge of pairing foods and drinks. Using our culinary experience, we recommend and test recipes that are perfectly matched to delight your palate.

Service Suggestions:

  • To help you enjoy the festivities, we give you service recommendations so that you can have fun creating memories with your family and friends that you will cherish for a lifetime.
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