Want to go the extra mile for your client and inspire customer loyalty? A great way to do that is to give them a custom gift. Everyone likes to get free stuff, and branded corporate gifts for clients are a great way to get your clients thinking of you – which increases the chances they’ll use your service in the future! Not sure what to choose for your clients? Keep reading for some corporate gift ideas.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

“Corporate gifting” refers to buying gifts for your customers and clients from your business. There are many opportunities to give corporate gifts; when a new client signs on, as a holiday gift at the end of the year, or for the anniversary of your client choosing your business. A corporate gift can also be given any time as a “client celebration” – or you can send a gift to a prospective client who hasn’t signed on yet to encourage them.

Why Branding Is So Important

When your client looks at your gift, you want them to see a reminder of your business – and its generosity! In order to maximize the impact of your gift, it’s important to have your logo displayed prominently and attractively. Branding is an integral part of any business, as a good-looking, prominent logo sticks in people’s minds and makes them more likely to refer back to you when in need of a service. 

Branded Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

  • A Mug or Thermos: A mug is a classic, practical gift that will put your logo on your client’s kitchen shelf – or you can go for a more unique gift by opting for a thermos. Not only are these gifts useful and effective, they’re also a great choice for branding, as your logo will be prominently displayed on both.
  • A Notebook: A notebook or notepad is another practical, useful gift that anyone would love. In addition, the large, flat space of the cover is a perfect avenue for your branding.
  • Cookies with a Branded Box: You can’t go wrong with cookies or other snacks! Everyone loves them and choosing a branded box to present them in makes for a more personalized gift. 
  • An Elegant Coffee Table Book: Coffee table books make for great conversation starters and are a wonderful piece of useful, tasteful decor. Entertaining and Celebrating is far from just decor, however – it guides you through the process of creating an elegant dining experience, and it can be branded with your company’s logo to create an excellent, and memorable, corporate gift.

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At Reward Your Appetite, we believe that the best gift is also an experience. Our luxury coffee table book is not only a classy piece of decor but also an experience that guides you through creating an unforgettable dining experience. Our corporate gifting option makes it an excellent choice for your clients. Check out our shop and blog to learn more about our book for your corporate gifting.