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Corporate Gifting for the Holidays

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I know you may not be quite ready to say goodbye to summer and start planning for the holiday season. But with the children all back to school, we find ourselves in that season where we need to start making some plans for the holidays. Corporate gifts can be an excellent way to show gratitude, build relationships and boost brand awareness. But what should you give? And how do you make sure the recipient enjoys their gift? We've put together some tips on how to choose the right corporate gifts for your employees, partners and clients to make sure they feel appreciated this holiday season: Think about what your brand represents Corporate gift giving is a great way to show appreciation for your employees, clients and partners. It can also be used as an innovative way to build relationships with people within the industry you work in. The holiday season is [...]

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Branded Corporate Gifts that Inspire

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You know the saying, "It's the thought that counts?" Well, it's true. We often hear this as adults—go ahead and give your partner socks or some type of food they wouldn't normally eat, and they'll appreciate the thought. But when giving a corporate gift to clients or partners, the thought behind what you're giving should be much more than just "I have to get them something." Instead, focus on finding gifts that will inspire them and make them feel special. You don't need to break the bank or even go out of your way too much. A gift that will inspire Inspire with a message. Inspiring messages can come in the form of a motivational quote or inspirational message on a plaque, poster, or other art piece. A custom branded gift that conveys your brand's values, mission and vision will inspire as well. Your employees will appreciate you for showing them [...]

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Corporate gifting should be part of your retention strategy

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Employee retention is a priority for many companies. But how can you keep employees happy and motivated to stay with your company? Corporate gifting is one way to show gratitude for your team members and help them feel appreciated by leadership. While this might seem like an expense that you don’t want to incur, corporate gifting has many benefits that outweigh the cost. Employee retention is a priority for many companies. Employee retention is an important part of a company's culture. A company's culture isn't just a representation of how your employee's feel, it also extends to how your customers and clients view your company. Your customers buy from you because they trust you—they have faith that you'll deliver on what you promise. Your employees should feel valued as well, there is a cost associated with employee dissatisfaction that will have a trickle-down effect on your organization When employees leave, the [...]

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Corporate Event Ideas for Summer

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Summer is approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning a fun corporate event! A corporate event is a great way to bring your team together and celebrate your employees and clients. What are the best corporate event ideas for summer? Read on! Benefits of a Corporate Summer Event There are multiple benefits to having a corporate summer event - some that are obvious, and some that you may not have thought of. Hosting an event allows you to recognize and celebrate not only your hard-working employees, but also your best clients. Corporate events are also great opportunities for team-building and encouraging your employees to bond. Finally, a corporate event makes for an excellent place to network, giving your business more connections. 5 Great Corporate Summer Event Ideas Want some ideas for a corporate summer event your employees and clients will remember? Reward Your Appetite has x great ideas [...]

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What to Put in an Employee Care Package

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Your employees work hard for your business, and you want to make them feel appreciated. A great way to do that is to put together an employee care package - something to show that you thought of them and inspire company loyalty. But what to put in an employee care package? Reward Your Appetite has some ideas for a care package they’ll remember! What is an Employee Care Package? An employee care package is an assortment of small gifts meant to show your employees that you care about them. Care packages can have a certain theme, or they can just be a collection of little gifts you think they’d like.  What Gifts Do Employees Value Most? It can be difficult to determine what gifts to give to employees. It’s much more complicated than giving a gift to a friend - after all, you may not know them that well personally, and [...]

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The Coffee Table Book: More Than Just a Conversation Piece

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A coffee table book is many things: it’s a book, a decoration, and a conversation piece, all in one. In addition, a coffee table book can make for an unforgettable corporate gift. But a coffee table book is much more than just these components; the right coffee table book is an experience, not just a conversation piece. What Is A Coffee Table Book? A coffee table book is a large book intended to be placed on a table where guests usually congregate. Coffee table books can be read casually, or used as conversation starters. Coffee table books often have big, colorful illustrations and are mostly non-fiction about specific subjects.  Is A Coffee Table Book A Good Corporate Gift? A coffee table book makes for an excellent corporate gift. A coffee table book is classy, professional, and appropriate for any workplace - and most have options for personalization, which makes any gift [...]

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The Best Company Gifts for Employees

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Everyone likes to be noticed, and a great way to make sure your employees feel appreciated for all the hard work they do for your business is to give them a company gift. But what are the best company gifts for employees - gifts that are personal, enjoyable, and reasonably-priced? Your employees deserve the best, so read on for a list of gifts that will put a smile on their faces.  Should Managers Give Gifts to Employees? Some companies have policies on gift-giving in the workplace, so it’s always a good idea to check those before getting out your wallet. But generally, it’s considered fine for managers to give gifts to employees, as long as a few parameters are met. Make sure that you aren’t displaying favoritism or giving anything that could be construed as inappropriate and you should be good to go. How Much Should I Spend on Staff Gifts? [...]

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Event Gifting: Making A Great Impression

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Are you planning to attend a tradeshow or other event with your business and want to stand out amongst the other attendees? Corporate events are an excellent opportunity to make memorable connections with your ideal market. Event gifting is an effective way to make those connections, leave a great impression, and turn potential customers into buyers. Keep reading to learn more about event gifting and making a great impression. What is Event Gifting? Event gifting is the act of giving out business gifts while at corporate events like trade shows or conferences. The gifts normally have your company’s brand or logo on them, which means more brand awareness for your business. The key to good event gifting is choosing quality gifts that people will use. That way, customers will associate your company with high quality. They’re also more likely to use the gift, meaning more marketing for you. Event gifting is [...]

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Choosing The Best Company Logo Gifts

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Saying thank you to your customers and employees is excellent business practice. When you show your appreciation, it boosts attitudes and loyalty. It’s also a great way to retain customers and employees. There’s no reason you can’t make showing your appreciation a marketing move, too. By putting your company logo on high-end gifts, you’ll be showing your employees how much you care while marketing your brand at the same time. Keep reading to get some ideas on choosing the best company logo gifts.  What Is A Branded Corporate Gift? A branded corporate gift is something you give to your customers or employees with your brand’s logo or name on it. Company logo gifts can make great giveaways at trade shows. They’re also a good option for more meaningful gifting to your employees or loyal customers. Also called promotional gifts, branded corporate gifts offer a fantastic opportunity to build business relationships and [...]

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6 Small Employee Gift Ideas That Pop

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Are you looking for small gifts to give your employees? Sometimes your budget or company rules might stop you from giving the high-end gifts that your employees deserve. If you have a limited budget but are big on appreciation, here are some great small employee gift ideas. What is a Small Employee Gift? A small employee gift is significant enough to have meaning but not so costly that it imposes a tax burden on your employees. The key is to give de minimis gifts. These are things like gifts given on holidays or birthdays that have a low market value. Cash cannot qualify as de minimis. All employees should also receive the same gifts throughout the year. So, if you give one employee a gift worth $15 on their birthday, you should give all employees the same thing.  What Gifts do Employees Want? The gifts that your employees want will depend [...]

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The Best Corporate Gifts For 2022

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Every business owner or manager wants their employees to feel valued and appreciated. A great way to show your appreciation for your employees is to give them an office-appropriate gift. So what are the best corporate gifts for 2022? It’s 2022 And Employees Are Coming Back To The Office With the threat of coronavirus seeming to be coming to a close, more employees are returning to traditional offices. Many are happy about this, and some are not so happy. Either way, a return gift will mark it as a special occasion and show them how much you value their time.  What Gifts Do Employees Value Most? The best gift is one that blends practicality with fun and is personalized for your employee. This can mean a different gift for each employee, or as a more practical option, the same gift with personalization for each employee with either their name or a [...]

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Branded Corporate Gifts For Clients

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Want to go the extra mile for your client and inspire customer loyalty? A great way to do that is to give them a custom gift. Everyone likes to get free stuff, and branded corporate gifts for clients are a great way to get your clients thinking of you - which increases the chances they’ll use your service in the future! Not sure what to choose for your clients? Keep reading for some corporate gift ideas. What Is Corporate Gifting? “Corporate gifting” refers to buying gifts for your customers and clients from your business. There are many opportunities to give corporate gifts; when a new client signs on, as a holiday gift at the end of the year, or for the anniversary of your client choosing your business. A corporate gift can also be given any time as a “client celebration” - or you can send a gift to a prospective [...]

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