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Welcome to Reward Your Appetite

Reward Your Appetite is a premier company specializing in corporate gifting that inspires one to create elegant experiences for entertaining with family and friends.  Corporate gifting is an opportunity to show your appreciation to customers and employees.  This small gesture of gratitude promotes long relationships which are essential for companies to grow and prosper.

At Reward Your Appetite we understand this market offers a variety of options to show your appreciation.  Our stunning coffee table book is more than just a one-time gift; it’s a gift that inspires communities to come together and celebrate with elegance.  A treasured keepsake that can be shared with family and friends.

Personalizing our beautiful coffee table book’s inside cover allows you to extend your brand even beyond the immediate recipient. Choose from one of our calligraphy styles or add your company’s logo.

A gift that continues to give is what we at Reward Your Appetite strives to offer our customers.

Just when you thought you knew everything about coffee table books, along comes, Entertaining and Celebrating – An Elegant Feast for Every Season.

Author and Chef de Cuisine Kristal Damron, takes you on an enlightening journey restoring interest and faith in the beauty of Fine Dining and elegance that injects into your dining experience.

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Meet Kristal – Author and Chef de Cuisine

Kristal’s path started in childhood, where she delighted in spending time in the kitchen with her beloved grandmother, Emma Jane. She revelled in the moments, watching her cook, trying new recipes, tried and true family recipes and even inventing recipes of her own. Kristal loved fine dining; an elegant dining experience is one of life’s little indulgences.

Those memories made in Emma Jane’s kitchen followed Kristal throughout her life. It wasn’t until the birth of her first daughter, Arianna Victoria, that Kristal ever considered her love of food to be her career purpose. After spending decades in corporate finance, Kristal decided that what she yearned for most was a life with balance, pursuing her passions and having that ever so crucial time with her family.

The birth of her second daughter, Alexandria Isabella, was the push Kristal needed. She had two beautiful children and the long, stressful, corporate hours she had been working no longer fit her desired lifestyle. She took a sabbatical from her corporate finance job and headed down the path to fulfilling her passion.

At the encouragement of her husband, Jared, she signed up for a twelve-week intensive cooking program, there she met her first mentor. As fate would have it, her instructor had a similar journey to Kristal, she had also given up her corporate career to follow her passion, cooking.

This experience led Kristal to create Reward your Appetite, an elegant, fine dining catering company. Here she was able to share her love of food, fine dining, and elegance with the masses.

Kristal Damron


Kristal Damron

Our coffee table book, Entertaining and Celebrating – An Elegant Feast for Every Season, is the most original way to show appreciation and provides a great platform to get new customers while engaging your existing customers more frequently.

If you want to step out of ordinary and move forward with extraordinary reach out today and Reward your Appetite!

Reward your Appetite will accelerate your retention strategy 10-fold.



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