You know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Well, it’s true. We often hear this as adults—go ahead and give your partner socks or some type of food they wouldn’t normally eat, and they’ll appreciate the thought. But when giving a corporate gift to clients or partners, the thought behind what you’re giving should be much more than just “I have to get them something.” Instead, focus on finding gifts that will inspire them and make them feel special. You don’t need to break the bank or even go out of your way too much.

A gift that will inspire

Inspire with a message. Inspiring messages can come in the form of a motivational quote or inspirational message on a plaque, poster, or other art piece. A custom branded gift that conveys your brand’s values, mission and vision will inspire as well. Your employees will appreciate you for showing them you care about their wellbeing and well-being.

A gift that will be treasured

  • You are looking for a gift that they’ll use and appreciate.
  • You want a gift that will be remembered long after you’ve left.
  • Your goal should be to give an item that they will want to share with others.

A gift they will show off

Some corporate gifts are intended to be kept in the corporate office, but others are meant to be shared and shown off. If you’re looking for an option that will be shown off, getting your brand in front of potential customers, that will know you care about your clients. Our stunning coffee table book, Entertaining and Celebrating – An Elegant Feast for Every Season, is full of stunning imagery and elegant menu plans makes sharing a must.

Your corporate gifts can and should inspire your clients and partners.

Corporate gifts don’t have to be just a token of appreciation. If you want your corporate gift to be memorable, useful, and inspirational for your clients and partners, make sure that it’s also functional and practical.

You might be thinking “but how can our corporate gifts be all those things?” We’re glad you asked! Here are some tips on how to give the best possible corporate gifts:

  • Make it tactile—Give them a gift that they’ll feel in their hands or see with their eyes—like an authentic piece of art or an interesting sculpture. It doesn’t have to be expensive; just something they can touch, hold onto, and display proudly on their desk at work so everyone knows that they’ve been appreciatively recognized by your company as being awesome!
  • Personalize it—Personalized items are always more sentimental than generic ones, so instead of giving someone a generic pen or keychain with your company logo on it, why not personalize something else like an elegant, inspiring coffee table book about entertaining? This way when the recipient uses it repeatedly throughout the year, they will not only remember your business but also appreciate how much effort went into finding something thoughtful at such short notice!

Most companies don’t use corporate gifting as part of their marketing strategy. This is a huge oversite as showing someone you care instantly builds trust and creates genuine feelings of gratitude. Reciprocity is an instinctual feeling, let your investment in a thoughtful corporate gift come back to in the form of your clients sharing their genuine positive feelings about your business with others.

When you choose to give your clients and partners a corporate gift, it should be something that they will use and cherish. A wonderful way to make sure that this happens is by choosing the right type of gifts. If you’re looking for something that will inspire, then we have some great options! Our products are perfect for any occasion, so don’t hesitate act now.

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