As a Chef who loves to host elegant gatherings throughout the year, I make my holiday parties unforgettably fun by always including these three elements:

  1. The right ambience. Nothing brightens the spirits more than a room and table that have been exquisitely decorated, with background music to enhance the mood. These special touches tell partygoers that this will be an event to remember. Need ideas? Search on “holiday table settings” or “party decorators near me.”  
  2. Fabulous food. Whether you pick a theme or serve a variety of traditional dishes, it must be delicious and appeal to your guests. If doing your own cooking means you won’t be able to enjoy the party, hire a caterer or servers to assist with the party. It’s well worth the investment to ensure that everyone, especially the host, can have a great time.
  3. Fun games! This allows you to connect with guests and even burn a few dinner calories. A favorite game in our family is what I call “Freestyle Christmas Carols.” Groups of guests pick from a list of Christmas Carols then put on a skit. We’ve had people sing, dance, and even do poetic readings. It’s a wonderful way to finish an evening.