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Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season

Entertaining and Celebrating

Simple. Beautiful. Expressive.

Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season will help you create extraordinary dining experiences, anytime, in ways that suit your palate, culture, and style.

This new guide brings together all the inspiration a host or hostess needs to create lasting memories around food and family. Seasonally organized menus, table settings and home decor ideas, and wine pairings come together in one beautiful resource.  A visual extravaganza covering four seasons, 12 themes, and curated cuisine, this coffee table book inspires creativity while showing you how to successfully bring it all together to wow your guests.

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Welcome to Reward Your Appetite

Kristal Damron

At Reward Your Appetite, we believe in recapturing elegance in our dining experiences, and inspiring unique and lasting memories celebrating with family and friends throughout the year.

Creating elegance involves taking the time to look at the details so you get the result you truly desire. It is the classic invitation that stimulates the imagination and entices guests to attend.

Let us help you enjoy both the anticipation and the experience using our elegant guide entitled “Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast For Every Season”.  Our beautiful book inspires you with a visual extravaganza featuring exquisite table settings, chef-prepared menu options, and my favorite, service recommendations so the host or hostess can enjoy the celebration.

Our book also makes for the perfect, personalized corporate gift to your clients and employees. It’s a great way to show your appreciation with a stunning keepsake that is useful and can be shared with family and friends.  We offer two versions: our time-honored tradition of Calligraphy Inscription and our Company Logo.  Two exquisite ways to elevate your corporate gift and extend your brand while expressing to your customers and employees how special they are to you.

As we look ahead to the future, Reward Your Appetite will launch Fine Dining with Kristal catering service.  Our catering solution provides fine dining catering packages featuring exquisite, chef-prepared menus, four-course meal, wine and cocktail pairings, elegant ambiance befitting your occasion, and impeccable service to attend to every detail of preparing, serving, and managing your dining experience.

Also on the horizon, we will launch our series Everyday Elegance with recipes and instructional offerings. Whether you choose to go at your own pace with our Watch & Learn Videos, or get personalized, hands-on instruction at one of our Dine & Learn Events, we can teach you how to recapture elegance in your own home.


Owner & Chef de Cuisine,


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Our Cherished Memories


Kristal’s Thanksgiving dinner brought back memories of warm and cozy family gatherings. The decorations evoked the season of harvest, the food was exceptionally delicious, and the dance afterwards brought all the guests together in appreciating music, life, and friendship. Dining with Kristal is so much more than a meal. The atmosphere, friendship, and feeling of being at home will last in my memory for years.


Kristal is a strong believer in family and friends, so dining with her is a community event. This is such a blessing because we benefit from her expertise while being part of her creations! Kristal is both organized and free spirited, which helps her create unique, fresh approaches to preparing tasty and elegant dishes. And the way she involves everyone in the process makes it a fun experience for all.


Whether it’s exquisite fine dining with china and crystal, high tea, or a casual family event for parents and children, Kristal always delivers a scrumptious experience. Her dishes are unique and tasty, and her presentation is unparalleled. She has a knack for attending to the finest detail, even when you as a host don’t realize it’s necessary. If you want a fine dining experience you’ll talk about for years, let Kristal create it. Highly recommend.


Kristal’s special touch makes every dining experience a memorable, long-lasting pleasure. From the small details in table settings and courses, to the after-dining activities, Kristal’s events have always given both adults and kids a great experience. Kristal is especially gifted at bringing people from different cultures around a table and making them feel connected to one another.


Kristal not only delivers new and enjoyable textures, colors, smells, and combinations, but also brings fine dining to the home. Her meals provide a rich community experience through a shared table. I love the feel of togetherness, and the sophisticated flavors Kristal creates from our fondest memories of “Grandma’s Cookin’”. We are nostalgic about home cooking, of course, but Kristal’s meals offer intimacy and complexity that we don’t get at home.


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