At Reward Your Appetite, we love to celebrate the traditions and celebrations of the seasons. With the winter holidays just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the people in your life with meaningful gifts that show your appreciation for them. This includes celebrating those you work with, especially your bosses and executives. It can be intimidating to give a gift to a boss, superior, or high-level client, which is why we have put this post together just in time for the holiday season. If you’re looking to make a good impression on an executive, continue reading to learn about some unique gift ideas for them. 

What is an “Executive” Gift? 

An executive gift is just as simple as it sounds. It is a gift for an executive. More specifically, executive gifts are given to people in high-up positions within a company or organization. They can be for your own boss or superior, or for a client who is an executive within a company or organization. Executive gifts tend to be of a higher quality than normal corporate gifts. They include luxury items that are elegant, tasteful, and useful. 

6 Unique Executive Gifts for Clients

  • Espresso Machine

Having an espresso machine right in your office offers luxury and convenience to any executive. This high-end gift will do a fantastic job at showing your appreciation and care for your executive clients. What’s best is that they’ll think of you every morning when they go for their daily caffeine fix. 

  • An Elegant Coffee Table Book

Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is a thoughtfully crafted coffee table book that guides readers through hosting celebrations that honor good people, delicious food, and timeless traditions. The pages are filled with vivid images that showcase seasonal dining experiences. It includes carefully crafted menus for all four seasons, as well as wine pairings, decor ideas, and table settings. 

  • Vintage Wine

If your boss or executive is a big fan of wine, you may consider giving them a nice bottle of their favorite vintage wine. This luxury item is a great way to show someone that you listen to them and appreciate their taste and interests. 

  • Temperature Control Smart Mug

A temperature control smart mug can keep beverages warm for hours. For a busy executive whose coffee may often go cold, this is a great idea for a gift that is useful, high-quality, and thoughtful. 

  • Customized Glassware

Find out your executive client’s favorite beverage and purchase them some high-end glassware for that drink. This could be wine glasses, rocks glasses, or pint glasses. Whatever it may be, consider customizing the glasses with the person’s initials or another personal symbol.

  • Luxury Weekend Bag

Executives are busy people who are frequently on the go. Help them travel in style by getting them a high-quality weekend bag that they can take on short business trips or to the gym. Something made of sturdy material, like leather, is a good option. 

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