Are you looking for small gifts to give your employees? Sometimes your budget or company rules might stop you from giving the high-end gifts that your employees deserve. If you have a limited budget but are big on appreciation, here are some great small employee gift ideas.

What is a Small Employee Gift?

A small employee gift is significant enough to have meaning but not so costly that it imposes a tax burden on your employees. The key is to give de minimis gifts. These are things like gifts given on holidays or birthdays that have a low market value. Cash cannot qualify as de minimis. All employees should also receive the same gifts throughout the year. So, if you give one employee a gift worth $15 on their birthday, you should give all employees the same thing. 

What Gifts do Employees Want?

The gifts that your employees want will depend on the people you’re giving them to…your employees themselves! When you’re thinking about a great gift for them, consider who they are as individuals. What are their interests? Have they expressed a love for anything? What might improve their attitude, team morale, and overall mood on the job? Popular employee gifts include gift cards, team meals or parties, and a day off. 

Small Employee Gift Ideas

  • Candles: Candles are always a good gift idea. They smell great, add a wonderful ambiance to any space, and there’s one for every budget.
  • Coffee Table Book: A coffee table book is an excellent present because it’s something that everyone wants but never purchases for themselves. Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is our carefully crafted coffee table book. It’s full of beautiful images that guide readers through hosting beautiful seasonal celebrations with their loved ones.
  • Plants: Got an employee with a green thumb? Feed their passion by gifting them a houseplant for their home or office. Plants breathe life into a space, and depending on what you choose, they can be relatively easy to take care of. 
  • Travel Accessories: If you’ve got employees who are constantly on the go, get them some handy accessories to help them on their next trip. A firm neck pillow, a well-designed laptop bag, and an eye mask for sleeping are all great ideas. 
  • Candy: Who doesn’t love something sweet? A great small employee gift idea is a gourmet candy basket or box filled with all of their favorite treats.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: Work in a busy office can be distracting and frustrating. Help your employees gain peace and focus by giving them a pair of effective noise-canceling headphones. 

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