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Elegant Gatherings

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As a Chef who loves to host elegant gatherings throughout the year, I make my holiday parties unforgettably fun by always including these three elements: The right ambience. Nothing brightens the spirits more than a room and table that have been exquisitely decorated, with background music to enhance the mood. These special touches tell partygoers that this will be an event to remember. Need ideas? Search on "holiday table settings" or "party decorators near me."   Fabulous food. Whether you pick a theme or serve a variety of traditional dishes, it must be delicious and appeal to your guests. If doing your own cooking means you won't be able to enjoy the party, hire a caterer or servers to assist with the party. It's well worth the investment to ensure that everyone, especially the host, can have a great time. Fun games! This allows you to connect with guests and even burn [...]

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Three Foodie Gifts that Never Go Out of Style

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As a chef who loves to host elegant gatherings, I have just about every food and entertaining gadget you can think of. So when it comes to gift-giving, I recommend three classics: Books. I'm always looking for new and memorable ways to entertain family and friends. I find that books with beautiful photos, stylish ideas, and delectable recipes are great inspiration for my own creations. Personalized stemware or barware. These are so versatile and useful. The personalization can commemorate a special memory or event, and be funny, sentimental, or sweet. Individual dipping and serving bowls. People who cook gourmet meals usually serve several courses with various types of food, including dipping sauces, soups, and desserts. Having lots of bowls makes a multi-course meal easier and even more fun to prepare.

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Exciting News!!! Our Book Pre-Order Campaign Has Started…

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Hello Family and Friends... I am so overjoyed to share with you that my pre-order campaign has started  for my first book “Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast For Every Season".  You are more than welcomed to go on my website (www.rewardyourappetite.com) an order your copy, provide me feedback about the buying process, and share your excitement on Facebook.  You will find the blue Facebook Button on the confirmation page. For being a part of this pre-order campaign you will receive a special gift from me.  Once you receive it, I have one request.  Please take a picture with your gift and posted it on your social media pages and express your excitement about the book. These are exciting times as the marketing team has started and we are on track for a Spring 2019 official release. If you have any questions, please share with me. Much love and thank you... [...]

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Welcome Address

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Hello Fellow Readers This is my first blog and I wanted to share with you the following.  Starting this new journey into entrepreneurship has been exciting, humbling, lonely at times, and rewarding.  One may hear about the glory of starting a new business; however, going through the motions for yourself is another ball game all together.  I have had to learn patience and perseverance to stay encouraged and motivated while  putting the pieces together.   I also oversee all the areas of operations so the end goal can be reached.  It has been a winding road since the beginning of my journey and my favorite lesson is keeping a sense of humor through it all. Reward Your Appetite Catering is a wonderful, elegant endeavor and I invite you to come along with me through this blogging channel and learn what's new and exciting.  

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