Corporate gifting is an important responsibility for businesses small and large. Whether it’s buying gifts for your dedicated employees or loyal customers, you need to ensure that the gift you give is useful, high quality, and something that everyone will love. But choosing the right gift for more than 10 people can get overwhelming. After all, trying to pick the perfect thing for each person would be time-consuming and stressful. That is where bulk corporate gifts come in. Read on to find out more about why corporate gifting in bulk is a good idea for you this holiday season.

Why Order Corporate Gifts in Bulk? 

Ordering corporate gifts in bulk is hugely beneficial for a variety of reasons. The most obvious one is that it’s convenient and saves you the time and stress of having to think of a gift for individuals. Ordering your gifts in bulk might also save you money, as a lot of companies offer discounts on large orders. Many bulk gift orders can also be customized by adding your company’s name or a note to your employees. 

What Makes a Great Corporate Gift?

A great corporate gift is one that has been carefully thought about. When ordering in bulk, you may even have to think more carefully than normal, as you want to find something that will make everyone happy. We suggest thinking about your employees and customers, your company’s values, and the message you’re hoping to send by giving a gift. 

For example, if you work for a new tech start-up and want to thank employees for their hard work, you’ll probably give them something different from a lawyer looking to send thank you gifts to his or her clients for their business. 

So, when thinking about what you’re going to give your employees or customers, consider your company’s most important attributes and how you can give those in a way that shows your gratitude. We also recommend a corporate gift that can be personalized to the gift recipient or your company. 

Bulk Corporate Gift Ideas

If you’re struggling to think of some ideas for your bulk corporate gifting, have a look at our list of bulk corporate gift ideas. Even if you don’t find something perfect for your business, we hope it inspires you to think of some other amazing ideas.  

  • Nice bottles of champagne.
  • Clothing with your company logo.
  • Boxes of decadent chocolates. 
  • Fruit baskets
  • Insulated drink tumblers. 
  • Spa products.
  • Flower bouquets.
  • Customized backpack

The Perfect Bulk Corporate Gift Item

Everyone loves to enjoy a good meal, spend quality time with their loved ones, and embrace the traditions of each season. If these ideals reflect your company, then Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is the perfect bulk corporate gift for your clients or employees. 

This thoughtfully designed coffee table book is the perfect resource for hosting celebrations that honor good people, delicious food, and beautiful traditions. The pages are filled with vivid images that guide readers through creating, planning and hosting seasonal dining experiences. It includes carefully crafted menus for all four seasons, as well as wine pairings, decor ideas, and table settings. 

This book is also perfect for corporate gifting because it is customizable. You can brand the inside cover with a personal note or message written in elegant calligraphy and are even able to include your company logo. This is a gift that will truly show just how much you appreciate your hardworking employees and loyal customers.