With the holidays right around the corner, you may be thinking about gifts for your employees or customers. Many executives decide on fruit baskets for holiday gifts, and with good reason! Fruit and gift baskets offer a variety of fun and luxurious items that a person normally wouldn’t buy for themself. But, with so many fruit basket companies out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are the best. In this article, we’re doing the research for you and providing you with our recommendations for the best fruit basket companies. Read on to find out more! 

Why Are Fruit Baskets So Popular?

There are several reasons as to why fruit baskets are such a popular gift for businesses to give. First, they’re extremely convenient. They include a variety of items that you don’t have to choose and even come wrapped and beautifully assembled. Gift baskets are also popular because they’re exciting to receive! Who doesn’t like getting a small little trove of delectable treasures to sort through? Lastly, fruit baskets make great gifts because they can be given for any occasion. This is very beneficial during the holidays when you don’t know which specific holiday your employees or clients celebrate. 

Our Recommendations for the Best Fruit Basket Companies 

  • Harry and David

Why they’re great: Harry and David constantly ranks highest among roundups of the top fruit basket companies. They offer a wide selection of different fruit and gift baskets that are full of beautiful, high-quality items. They’re also decorated impeccably and include fresh seasonal products. 

Price Range: $50 – $250

Delivery Options: Harry and David will deliver your fruit basket when and where you want for a fee. You can sign up for a program to get free shipping if you’d like. 

Customizable: They offer options for personalizing your fruit basket. 

  • Frog Hollow Farm

Why they’re great: If you’re looking for a fruit basket that is full of fresh organic ingredients and sustainable products, Frog Hollow Farm is the fruit basket company for you. Their baskets offer a variety of different seasonal items that are just as delicious as they are nice to look at. 

Price Range: $15 – $150

Delivery Options: They deliver all over the United States. Some items come with free shipping.

Customizable: You can leave a note when you’re checking out to include any customizations.

  • Fruit Bouquets 

Why they’re great: Fruit Bouquets is a partner company of Harry and David, so shopping with them means you’ll get the same high quality. With Fruit Bouquets, however, you’re gifting beautifully arranged bouquets of fresh fruit instead of baskets. There is something quite whimsical and personal about getting a fruit bouquet, and your clients and employees are sure to appreciate the gesture. 

Price Range: $28 – $115 

Delivery Options: The company will deliver your fruit basket when and where you want for a fee. You can sign up for a program to get free shipping if you’d like. 

Customizable: Fruit Bouquets offers options for personalizing your gift. 

The Perfect Accompaniment to A Fruit Basket 

If you know that a fruit basket alone isn’t enough of a present, consider gifting Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season, our handcrafted coffee table book meant to guide readers through hosting beautiful celebrations with loved ones. It includes carefully crafted menus for all four seasons, as well as wine pairings, decor ideas, and table settings. It’s truly a gift that never stops giving.