The holidays are all about giving. And with the holiday season upon us, it’s best to start thinking about the gifts your company is going to be giving out now. One of the best things about receiving a gift is that personal touch. Customizing gifts will make any recipient feel extra special. So, if you want to show appreciation to your employees and customers as best you can, but you also want to get them something unique, consider a custom business gift. This post will cover everything you need to know about customized corporate giving. Read on to learn more!

What Is A Custom Gift?

A gift can be customized in two ways. First, you can customize a gift by making it special for the specific person receiving it. You can do this by including their name on the gift, writing a card, or giving a gift that the specific person would like. The other way to customize gifts, which is much more common in business gifting, is to include your company’s logo or name on the gift. If you have high-end clients, you might even consider giving luxury corporate gifts with your company’s logo. In the next sections, we’ll give you more ideas for some of the best corporate gifts. 

What are Some of the Best Corporate Gifts? 

Giving gifts to your employees and customers is practically expected around the holidays. But it can sometimes be difficult to decide which gift is best. It’s important to keep in mind that the gift you choose shows your employees and customers how much you truly appreciate their loyalty and dedication to your company. In general, these are some of the best corporate gifts: 

  • A blanket.
  • A financial bonus. 
  • Ticket vouchers to the theater.
  • Restaurant gift cards.
  • Fruit baskets. 
  • A catered company meal.

Custom Business Gifts for Employees and Customers 

Sometimes, you want your gift to go above and beyond a normal business gift. Customizing gifts is an easy way to add personal detail that your employees and customers will love. Not only that, but personalized gifting using your business’s logo will help to advertise your company. Here is our list of great custom business gifts for employees and customers: 


  • A Personalized Coffee Table Book

Reward Your Appetite has dedicated a great amount of time and care in crafting Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season. This beautifully designed coffee table book is filled with vivid images and detailed descriptions that will guide readers through hosting elegant and memorable meals for their loved ones. To personalize this gift, brand the inside cover with a personal note or message written in elegant calligraphy. You can even include your company logo to extend your brand’s presence. 

  • Insulated water bottle.

Insulated water bottles are wonderful for transporting liquids and keeping them hot or cold for hours. They’re also easy to customize, too. All you need to do is emboss your company’s logo or name on the outside of the bottle. To personalize it even more, offer this gift in different colors that people can select from. Finally, be sure to invest in high-quality bottles. That way, people will actually use them.  

  • Awards 

If your team is small, taking an hour or so to come up with separate awards for each team member is a great opportunity to make your employees feel seen. This gives each employee a chance to feel recognized in their work. Include other items such as gift cards or treats to go with each award!

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