Corporate Americans and executive assistants have spent years figuring out what gifts to get their executives. Whether it’s trying to show thanks, strengthen a relationship, or simply be gracious, the perfect gift for a CEO isn’t easy to find. Keep reading to learn more about elegant gifts for your company’s executives. 

When to Give Your Executive a Gift

The timing of a gift is also as important as the gift yourself. So, when should you give your executive a gift? In business gift-giving etiquette, the rule of thumb here is to stick to special occasions — birthdays, Boss’s Day, winter holidays, and going-away parties are all perfect occasions to give your boss or CEO a gift. 

What is a Good Gift for an Executive?

Executives are busy, important people, so you should give them a gift that accommodates such a lifestyle. High-end gifts that facilitate an easier lifestyle or indulge someone in what they like make great gifts for executives. In the next section, check out our specific recommendations for executive gifts. 

Best Gift Ideas For CEOs And Other Executives 

CEOs and executives deserve the best of the best since that’s what they are! Here are some of our best gift ideas for CEOs and other executives: 

  • 100% Cotton Travel Set: What’s even better than feeling comfortable? Feeling comfortable, stylish, and luxurious while traveling. Give your executives a travel set with things like a blanket and sleep mask made of 100% cotton (and none of that fake stuff). It will leave them feeling high-end and cozy as they jet-set around the world.
  • An Elegant Coffee Table Book: We have dedicated great time and care to craft Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season. This beautifully designed coffee table book is filled with vivid images and detailed descriptions that will guide readers to hosting elegant and memorable meals for their loved ones. This luxury gift will continue giving as it leads to multiple high-end celebrations. 
  • Vintage Wine: If your CEO or executive is a big fan of wine, you may consider giving them a nice bottle of their favorite vintage wine. This luxury item is a great way to show someone that you listen to them and appreciate their taste and interests. 
  • Temperature Control Smart Mug: A temperature control smart mug can keep beverages warm for hours. This is an excellent idea for a busy executive whose coffee may often go cold for a practical, high-quality, and thoughtful gift. 
  • Luxury Weekend Bag: Executives are busy people who are frequently on the go. Help them travel in style by getting them a high-quality weekend bag that they can take on short business trips or to the gym. Something made of sturdy material, like leather, is a good option. 

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