Reward Your Appetite (a great place to find the right corporate gift) believes in creating meaningful relationships with the people who surround us. One great way to improve relationships is through giving gifts. Especially in business, giving a gift can express your gratitude to your associates, bosses, and customers. One of the most important things to consider when giving a business gift is that it matches the image of your company and that of the gift recipient. High-end corporate gifts should be given to those special clients or if your company is a high-end firm. 

Stuck on ideas for the perfect high-end business gift? Keep reading to see some of our favorite ideas for high-end corporate gifts. 

Ideas for High-End Corporate Gifts

  • 100% Cotton Travel Set: Everyone wants to feel comfortable when they travel. And what’s even better than feeling comfortable? Feeling comfortable, stylish, and luxurious while traveling. Giving out travel sets with things like a blanket and sleep mask made of 100% cotton (and none of that fake stuff) will leave anyone feeling high-end and cozy while they jet-set around the world.
  • An Elegant Coffee Table Book: We have dedicated great time and care to craft Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season. This beautifully designed coffee book is filled with vivid images and detailed descriptions that will guide readers to hosting elegant and memorable meals for their loved ones. This luxury gift will continue giving as it leads to multiple high-end celebrations. 
  • Self-Heating Mug: Someone who is always on the run would love this gift. A self-heating mug will keep a busy bee’s drink warm all day long. They’ll never have to worry about their coffee or tea getting cold as they go from one meeting to the next.  
  • Weekend Getaway: Nothing says high-end more than a luxury weekend getaway to a nearby destination. Top off the experience even more by including a stay at a nice hotel, tickets to a show, and a voucher or two for dining at nice restaurants around the area. 

What are Some Unique Business Gifts? 

Looking to express your appreciation for a colleague, boss, or client in a more unique way? Giving a high-end gift that is also unique can leave a lasting positive impression on the recipient, which can work well in your favor later on! Some ideas for unique business gifts include a full assortment of luxury teas, a personalized puzzle of a meaningful image or design, or products from local businesses in the town where your organization operates. 

Is it Ethical to Give Gifts While Doing Business?

It can sometimes seem unethical to accept or give corporate gifts. In the end, the main concern when it comes to giving gifts while doing business is the intent behind the gift. If it is meant to curry favor with someone, it is clearly an unethical gift to give or receive. However, if a gift is simply meant to show gratitude, without the expectation of something in return, then it’s probably okay. To learn more about the dos and don’ts of corporate gifting, read our post on Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette.

The Perfect High-End Gifts at Reward Your Appetite 

At Reward Your Appetite, we prioritize the things that matter most in life: good company, elegant experiences, and delicious food. Our luxury coffee table book is the perfect high-end business gift. We also offer several other experiences that are perfect for showing appreciation. Please have a look at our shop and blog to learn more about how you can bring elegance, delight, and fellowship to corporate gifting.