Are you planning to attend a tradeshow or other event with your business and want to stand out amongst the other attendees? Corporate events are an excellent opportunity to make memorable connections with your ideal market. Event gifting is an effective way to make those connections, leave a great impression, and turn potential customers into buyers. Keep reading to learn more about event gifting and making a great impression.

What is Event Gifting?

Event gifting is the act of giving out business gifts while at corporate events like trade shows or conferences. The gifts normally have your company’s brand or logo on them, which means more brand awareness for your business. The key to good event gifting is choosing quality gifts that people will use. That way, customers will associate your company with high quality. They’re also more likely to use the gift, meaning more marketing for you. Event gifting is a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential clients and make a good, lasting impression. 

What are the Benefits of Corporate Gifting?

There are plenty of benefits to corporate gifting. It helps businesses build relationships, create opportunities for self-marketing, and leave a positive impression on their potential customers. Corporate gifting is also a great way to generate more leads and referrals for your company.

How Much do Companies Spend on Gifting?

The amount that companies spend on gifting depends on their marketing strategy and budget. Every company is different, so every company will spend a different amount on their corporate gifting. If you’re preparing to give gifts away at an event, a good rule of thumb is to ensure you have enough gifts for everyone attending. Keeping this concept in mind, you can choose a gift that fits your company’s budget and gifting goals. 

Great Event Gifting Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for great event gifts, here is a list of some of our favorite ideas. Remember to always place your company logo or name on every gift! 

Shop Reward Your Appetite

The key to good event gifting is focusing on high-quality products with your company logo somewhere on the item. When people use your gift, they’ll promote your business for you. They’ll also have positive feelings towards your company for giving them such a great gift.  

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