Showing appreciation to your employees is an impactful way to boost morale and foster loyalty among your team. Not only that but giving gratitude is a positive action that will improve your mood as well. The right method of showing appreciation to your employees will put a big smile on their faces and effectively show them just how much you mean to them. Plus, showing appreciation doesn’t have to be all about giving gifts. There are a lot of different ways that you can say thank you to your employees! Continue reading to learn more about our favorite appreciation ideas for employees. 

Why Employee Appreciation is Important

You should never miss out on the opportunity to show gratitude to your employees. It has been shown that authentic acts of gratitude and employee recognition are great ways to boost team morale. This makes sense, too. Who doesn’t love being recognized for their handwork and dedication? If you think about it, there’s no reason not to tell your employees how much you appreciate them.

Not only does showing appreciation boost your employees’ morale, but it also makes them feel recognized for their hard work and commitment. This may lead to them working harder and feeling happier with your organization. Personalizing the way that you appreciate your employees is an even better and more effective way to improve your employees’ moods. 

Our Favorite Employee Appreciation Ideas

If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect way to show gratitude to your employees, we’ve created this list of our favorite employee appreciation ideas. We hope this can act as a resource or source of inspiration for you to thank your employees in a way that is best for them. 

  1. Social Media Recognition: There’s nothing better than feeling seen! Upload posts of your employees’ achievements on your organization’s social media accounts and shout to the world how great they are. Public displays of appreciation will make your team member feel extra special! 
  2. Give Great Gifts: There’s nothing wrong with gift-giving as a form of appreciation. But, you should make sure that the gifts you are giving are top-notch and personalized. For example, nice water bottles, an elegantly designed coffee table book with their name on the inside, or a high-quality blanket are all great ideas.
  3. Sticky Notes: Sometimes, celebrating the little things is just as important as celebrating the big ones. If your employee does something small, but you still want to show your appreciation, sticky notes are a fun way to do so. Write down your kudos on a colorful sticky note and leave it somewhere where your employee can find it. It’ll be a nice surprise that brightens up their day.
  4. Celebrate Their Anniversaries: Did you know that employees tend to consider new career options when the anniversary of their first day comes around? To counteract this thought process, celebrate your employees’ anniversaries instead! 
  5. Staff Appreciation Day: If your team has recently been going through some tough work, it might be a good idea to take a day and tell them how much you thank them. You can do this by taking them on a group outing to a spa or sports game, but you also might just want to give everyone the day off! 

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