Promotional gifting is a fantastic way to achieve two important goals in business: curating positive experiences for clients and expanding your market. Nonetheless, deciding which item you would like to use as a promotional gift can be a challenge. 

What Is a Branded Promotional Gift?

A branded promotional gift is something you give to customers or fans that has your company’s brand name or logo on it. Also known as “swag,” promotional gifts are an amazing opportunity to expand your customer base. The idea of promotional gifting is to boost awareness of your brand by creating positive encounters for your recipients, and it’s incredibly effective, too. Over 80% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they’ve received a promotional gift from. 

Who Should Offer Branded Promotional Gifts?

Not all businesses need to offer promotional gifts, but many do. These gifts are incredibly effective, which is why so many brands have taken advantage of using them when they can. The perfect instance to hand out promotional gifts is at a trade show. 

While you can use promotional gifting on a larger scale, like at a trade show, you can also give more personal gifts to your most loyal customers. If you work in realty, mortgages, or sales, you may consider giving some of these more significant gifts. While they may be more expensive, such gifts are also much more meaningful, and will properly express your gratitude to your customers. 

What Are the Best Promotional Gifts?

The best promotional gift is going to be something that properly reflects your business. You should think about your brand’s culture and what you want your gift to say. If you hope to spread the message of a new campaign, your promotional gifts should extend that message. To say thank you to your loyal customers, think about them specifically and what they might like. To help you get started, here are some of our ideas for great promotional gifts:

Why Coffee Table Books Make a Good Gift

Picture this: You’ve just given out a wonderfully elegant coffee book to your most loyal customers as a promotional gift. One of these customers places the book on her coffee table and has some friends over. When her friends arrive, they see the beautiful book on her table and ask her about it. Thus begins a discussion about the book and, eventually, your company. Before she knows it, your customer will be promoting your business for you! All because of this coffee table book. 

Coffee table books make great gifts because they are something that everyone could use, but never really wants to buy. They suggest elegance, culture, and luxury, making them the perfect gift to make any client smile. Plus, they make an effective promotional gift as well. Whenever your gift recipient has guests over, they will inevitably flip through the coffee table book and see your brand’s name on the inside cover. 

Reward Your Appetite: A Unique Promotional Gift

At Reward Your Appetite, we believe in the power of a good meal, time with loved ones, and the traditions that each season brings. Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is a coffee table book that encapsulates all these values. What’s best, you can brand the inside cover of the book with your brand’s logo and even include a personal message written in calligraphy, making it an elegant promotional gift idea, too. It will make a lovely topper to anyone’s coffee table.