Showing appreciation to your employees is an important action that any manager or supervisor must not forget. Thanking your employees can be done through words of encouragement or giving gifts. In fact, it’s best to do both to show your appreciation! 

We understand that choosing that perfect gift can be difficult. After all, you want it to be different, express your gratitude, and please everyone. To assist you with this difficult task, we’ve crafted a list of unique employee appreciation gift ideas that your employees are sure to love. 

Why Employee Appreciation is Important

You should always take the opportunity to show appreciation to your employees. Not only does it leave them feeling better and boost morale, but it can also lead to more loyal and hardworking employees, too. Plus, everyone loves hearing something positive about themselves or receiving a gift. We believe that there is no reason you shouldn’t be showing appreciation! 

Showing appreciation through giving gifts or words of encouragement also shows your employees that you recognize their hard work and commitment to your organization. It will make them feel happy and work harder. Giving a unique gift is even better, as it shows just how much you value your employees’ hard work and dedication. 

What Is a Good Gift to Give to Employees?

The gift that you choose to give to your employees should really come from the heart. You should think about what you want your gift to convey and how it fits in to your company’s culture and goals. Here are some of our ideas for a unique employee appreciation gift: 

  • An elegant company dinner or lunch.  

What Are Some Unique Ways to Show Employee Appreciation in the Workplace?

There are a lot of unique ways to show employee appreciation in the workplace. As we mentioned earlier, you should really think about what would work best for your employees. If you’re having trouble, try considering these three things: 

  • Reasoning: Why do you want to show appreciation? Is it to celebrate a big success? Is it to boost morale during a tough time? Is it just because? Thinking through this question can give you a better idea of what you should be doing for your employees. For example, for a big success by a team, you might give them the day off. If you want to show appreciation just because, consider hosting a happy hour! 
  • Company Culture: What is your company’s culture? Is it serious? Youthful? Technology savvy? We think it’s always a great idea to show employees appreciation that reflects your company’s culture. After all, culture is why lots of people stay in their jobs, so they’ll probably love anything that reflects that. 
  • Your Employees: It might seem simple, but some people don’t even think about what their employees may truly want! If you know your employees well, what have they been talking about? What have they been expressing an interest in? Show them appreciation by leaning into that interest. If you don’t know them too well, don’t be afraid to ask a more plugged-in employee to give you their thoughts on ideas for showing appreciation. 

Reward Your Appetite: Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts

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