Swag bags are the ultimate gift for giving out at trade shows or saying thank you to your loyal customers. However, it can be difficult to determine what items you want to put into your swag bag. In this post, we’ll go over everything there is to know about swag bags, including what they are, what you put in them, and some great swag bag gift ideas. 

What is A Swag Bag?

A swag bag is a bag filled with gifts that a company gives out to potential customers. They tend to be a bit over the top, and they’re meant to grab the attention of passers-by. Generally, companies give out swag bags at large events such as trade shows or fairs. However, it is also possible to gift swag bags to your employees to show them your appreciation for their continued hard work. 

What Do You Put in A Swag Bag?

As it states in the name, a swag bag is filled with swag! Swag consists of different promotional gift items that advertise your company. This can be done by stamping your company’s logo on different items, or by including some of your company’s products in the bag. Truthfully, swag can be anything that potential customers might enjoy using or wearing. 

If you’re trying to think of what you can put in your company’s swag bag, consider which items might best represent your brand and your company’s culture. For example, a digital media marketing firm won’t have the same swag bag as a law office. Ask yourself about the message each gift is sending as you are choosing items to include. If it doesn’t feel like a fit with your company, don’t put it in the bag.

Swag Bag Gift Ideas

  • Insulated water bottles. Hydration is incredibly important to staying healthy and happy. Including an insulated water bottle with your company’s logo on it will provide people with an everyday item that they can use to conveniently stay hydrated. 
  • A coffee table book that offers an experience. Rather than giving a food basket or restaurant meal vouchers, including a coffee table book such as this one will be an infinite treat for recipients. It is filled with beautiful images and easy-to-follow steps on hosting amazing dining experiences that celebrate friends, food, and the seasons of the year.
  • Organic, handmade bath products. Who doesn’t love to bask in lovely scents and luxurious lotions? Create your own scent and engrave your company’s logo onto handmade, organic bath products such as soaps, shampoos, and lotions. 
  • A cozy blanket. You can never have too many warm and fuzzy blankets. If you choose a soft and warm fabric for your blanket, it will become a permanent staple in anyone’s living room. 

Shop Swag Bag Items: Gift an Experience

The gifts that you include in your company’s swag bag should be intentionally chosen to properly represent your brand. You also want to make sure that you give gifts that people will use, not ones that will end up in the trash outside the event space. At Reward Your Appetite, we cultivate high-quality and customizable items that would be the perfect inclusion to your company’s swag bag. Please take a look around our shop to find out more.