If you’re preparing for a large event with your company, such as a trade show or industry fair, you may be considering giving out swag bags. Swag bags are a great way to connect with potential customers, especially at large events. They provide an opportunity to showcase your company and attract new customers. 

Deciding what should go in a swag bag is difficult to work. It’s important that you think carefully about each and every item you plan to include. That is why we’ve created this post, in which we’ll discuss everything you need to know about swag bags, including what they are and some ideas for what to put in them.

What is a Swag Bag? How do Swag Bags Work? 

A swag bag is a group of gifts that a company gives out to its potential customers. They come filled with different types of “swag” – promotional gift items that advertise your company. Meant to grab attention and excite people, swag bags are often filled with impressive goodies that advertise your company and bring joy to recipients. 

If a company is giving swag bags out at a trade show, most attendees will receive one. The idea is that the recipients use the branded items in their day-to-day lives, thus promoting the company’s brand. Ultimately, the goal of a swag bag is to increase brand exposure, attract new customers, and make existing customers happy. 

What is Usually in a Swag Bag?

As we mentioned earlier, swag bags are filled with different types of “swag” that promote a company’s brand. Some objects that you usually find in a swag bag are t-shirts, plastic sunglasses, stickers, and baseball caps. Bags also might include free samples, brochures, or items from event sponsors. 

What Should Go in A Swag Bag?

You want your swag bag to be a step above what customers are expecting. To take your swag bag to the next level, you should consider these items: 

  • A free trial of your company’s services. There is nothing better than a free trial to attract new customers. Offer a discount or free trial on one of your company’s services to get people hooked on your business. 
  • A sample of your product. Similar to discounted services, consider offering a small trial version of your product in your swag bag. If people love it, they’ll buy more and spread the word to their friends about how great your product is. 
  • An insulated water bottle. Including an insulated water bottle with your company’s logo on it will provide people an everyday item that they can use to conveniently stay hydrated.  
  • An elegant coffee table book. Give people the gift of class and elegant experiences by gifting them a carefully cultivated coffee table book. See more below. 
  • A luxurious blanket. There is nothing better than cuddling up with a soft, thick blanket. Invest in a high-quality blanket for your swag bag to ensure that people will use it frequently. 
  • A smartphone case. As you would with a blanket, if you’re going to include a smartphone case in your swag bag, make sure it’s high quality. Create the case using a modern design and shockproof material. That way, people will actually use it. 

Make Your Swag Bag Memorable with A Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are an emblem of class and elegance. Entertaining & Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is a beautifully crafted coffee table book that is filled with captivating images and easy-to-follow guides for hosting exquisite dining experiences. There is even the option to engrave your company’s logo on the inside cover of the book. Including it in your swag bag will elevate your company’s keepsake to new clients while making you memorable as time goes on.