The season for trade shows and conferences is fast approaching, which means it’s time to perfect your event’s swag. If you’re a corporate event planner, you’ll want to give your attendees the best swag you can. With our gift suggestions, your event will be the best one of the year. Keep reading for our best swag ideas for an event. 

What is Swag in Event Planning?

Standing for “Stuff We All Get”, swag is the gifts that event attendees receive just for going to your event. It can be one big thing or a lot of little things. Either way, it is highly recommended that you plan to hand out swag at a corporate event or trade show.  

How Do You Distribute Swag?

Conference and tradeshow attendees love receiving a nice swag bag at the reception area and welcome table. There, prospects are greeted by the host company or sponsors and presented with these fun gifts. If you’re hosting the corporate event, distributing swag can be as easy as handing it to people as they enter or leave the building. 

You can also advertise the great swag to get people to show up to your event in the first place. 

If you’re attending a trade show as one of the businesses present, you can hand your swag out at your table. Consider giving it to people when they walk by as a way of getting their attention. From there, you can continue to talk with them and tell them more about your company. 

Swag Bag Gift Ideas

Looking for the best swag ideas for your corporate event? Here are some of our favorite gifts: 

    • A coffee table book that offers an experience. Including a coffee table book such as the one in the link will provide an infinite treat for recipients. It is filled with beautiful images and easy-to-follow steps on hosting amazing dining experiences that celebrate friends, food, and the seasons of the year. You can also put your organization’s logo on the inside cover. That way, people will always remember who gave it to them. 
  • Promotional Items. Handing out branded items with your company’s logo is a great swag idea. It’s almost like free advertising. Some great ideas for promotional items include water bottles, t-shirts, lanyards, and sunglasses. 
  • Discounts. Why not give out discount offers at a trade show or conference? You can hand out a book of discounts if you’re the event organizer. If you’re a company at the trade show, hand out discounts to your own company’s services. This will make people more likely to try out your business…creating even more possibilities for repeat customers! 
  • Freebies. If you’re able to hand out free trials of your company’s product, it’s a great way to attract customers to your company. If your freebie is high quality, it’s very likely that more people will come to speak with you as word spreads about how great your swag is! 

Shop Reward Your Appetite

The gifts that you include in your event’s swag should be intentionally chosen to properly represent your brand or event. You also want to make sure you give gifts that people will use, not ones that will end up in the trash outside the event space. At Reward Your Appetite, we cultivate quality, customizable items that would be the perfect inclusion to your company’s swag bag. Please take a look around our shop to find out more.