The season for trade shows and conferences is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about how your business will leave a lasting impression. You’ll want people to remember your company. And, while giving an awesome presentation is half of the battle, having exciting corporate conference giveaways will ensure that people remember you.  

How Do You Stand Out in A Conference? 

Conferences can be overwhelming environments. There are hundreds of people and several companies all vying for attention and the chance to be remembered. So, how can you stand out at a conference? 

To shine at a conference, you should prioritize your audience. Talk to people and show them you care, have different methods for speaking to different types of individuals, and make it easy for people to talk to you (no forms or necessary sign-ups). You’ll also be the star of the show if you offer enticing and useful conference swag and giveaways. 

What Are Conference Giveaways?

Also called “swag”, conference giveaways are the gifts that you give to attendees of a conference. These are free items that you can give to people after or before they interact with your company. Handing out standout swag can make your business extremely memorable. 

What Are the Most Popular Giveaways?

Some of the most popular corporate conference giveaways are promotional items. These are things like water bottles, t-shirts, lanyards, or sunglasses that have your company’s logo on them. The best part about promotional gifting is that when people use your gifts, it’s like free advertising for your brand. Companies also tend to give away a free trial of their services, discount items, or trial products. 

Conference Giveaway Ideas

    • A coffee table book that offers an experience. Giving away this coffee table book will provide an infinite treat for recipients. It is filled with beautiful images and easy-to-follow steps on hosting amazing dining experiences that celebrate friends, food, and the seasons of the year. You can also put your organization’s logo on the inside cover. That way, people will always remember who gave it to them. 
  • Freebies. If you’re able to hand out free trials of your company’s product or service, it’s a great way to attract customers to your company. This is a great way to stay in people’s minds and build long-term client relationships.  
  • An insulated water bottle with your company logo. Including an insulated water bottle with your company’s logo on it will provide people with an everyday item that they can use to conveniently stay hydrated.  
  • A luxurious blanket. There is nothing better than cuddling up with a soft, thick blanket. Invest in a high-quality blanket for your swag bag to ensure that people will use it frequently. You can even look for a way to subtly add your company’s logo through a tag or print. 

Shop Reward Your Appetite

Your conference giveaways should be intentionally chosen to properly represent your brand and stick out in attendees’ minds. You also want to make sure you give swag that people will use, not something that will end up in the trash outside the event space. At Reward Your Appetite, we cultivate quality, customizable items that make memorable conference giveaways. Please browse our shop to find out more.