A coffee table book is many things: it’s a book, a decoration, and a conversation piece, all in one. In addition, a coffee table book can make for an unforgettable corporate gift. But a coffee table book is much more than just these components; the right coffee table book is an experience, not just a conversation piece.

What Is A Coffee Table Book?

A coffee table book is a large book intended to be placed on a table where guests usually congregate. Coffee table books can be read casually, or used as conversation starters. Coffee table books often have big, colorful illustrations and are mostly non-fiction about specific subjects. 

Is A Coffee Table Book A Good Corporate Gift?

A coffee table book makes for an excellent corporate gift. A coffee table book is classy, professional, and appropriate for any workplace – and most have options for personalization, which makes any gift feel special. 

Types Of Coffee Table Books

There are many different types of coffee table books to choose from when picking out a gift. Make sure to consider the gift recipient, as well as what your company is like and what your budget is.

  • Travel & Location Books: Know people who love to travel? A book that focuses on a location they’ve been to – or one they’re hoping to visit – makes a great gift, as well as a book that’s all about traveling in general. It’s easy to find coffee table books that will satisfy anyone’s wanderlust.
  • Animal Books: There’s a coffee table book out there for any and all animal lovers. Whether they’re fond of the wild – big cats, birds, or fish – or prefer something a little more cute and cuddly, a coffee table book with lots of big, colorful pictures will be sure to bring a smile to their face.
  • Recipe Books: For the foodies in your life, you can’t go wrong with a coffee table book all about food, recipes, or dining experiences. You can learn some new favorite recipes or family dinner or date nights, or just look at all the delicious pictures. 
  • Art Books: Everyone loves looking at beautiful or intriguing art pieces, and a coffee table book of art makes a stunning gift. Whether it’s classic art or something more contemporary, an art book is a great thing for any art lover to have.

More Than A Conversation Piece

It’s well-established that coffee table books make for excellent conversation pieces and ice breakers, but they’re much more than that. Coffee table books are sources of information and enrichment, they’re classy decorations, they’re fantastic gifts – and they create new experiences. Dive beneath the depths with a book on underwater life, travel the world with a book of pictures from different countries, or create an unforgettable dining experience with a book that walks you through every step. 

In addition, a coffee table book is a great choice for corporate gifting as it allows you to create extra branding potential. You can add a custom logo to a coffee table corporate gift so that it’s not only a present, but a reminder of your workplace and company values. This makes it great not only for employees but clients, too. 

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