Your employees work hard for your business, and you want to make them feel appreciated. A great way to do that is to put together an employee care package – something to show that you thought of them and inspire company loyalty. But what to put in an employee care package? Reward Your Appetite has some ideas for a care package they’ll remember!

What is an Employee Care Package?

An employee care package is an assortment of small gifts meant to show your employees that you care about them. Care packages can have a certain theme, or they can just be a collection of little gifts you think they’d like. 

What Gifts Do Employees Value Most?

It can be difficult to determine what gifts to give to employees. It’s much more complicated than giving a gift to a friend – after all, you may not know them that well personally, and you have to maintain a strict sense of professionalism while trying to ascertain what type of gift they’ll appreciate most.

Generally speaking, the most valued gift is one that’s thoughtful and personal. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive – just something that shows that you thought of them. 

What to Put in an Employee Care Package

Need some ideas for what to put in an employee care package that will really stand out? Reward Your Appetite has some great ideas.

  • Sweets & Snacks: You can never go wrong with edible gifts as long as you’re aware of any potential allergies. Everyone loves snacks and sweet foods, whether that be chips and candy or nuts and dark chocolate. 
  • Desk Supplies: Especially relevant if you work in an office, desk supplies are a useful gift that can easily have a fun flair. Pens, notepads, highlighters, folders, and more can be put into the care package to add a practical side. 
  • A Branded Item: A mug, jacket, or notebook emblazoned with your company’s logo is an excellent addition to any employee care package. 
  • Gift Cards: Who doesn’t love gift cards? If you think your care package needs a little extra oomph, or if you want to share your favorite shop or restaurant, a gift card is a small but effective addition.
  • Self-Care Items: Self-care is as popular as ever these days. Give your employee everything they need for a relaxing day – an eye mask, lotion, and cozy socks are great examples.
  • A Coffee Table Book: A coffee table book is a book, a decoration, a conversation piece, and an experience all in one, which makes it one of the best gifts out there. Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season walks you through the process of creating a high-end, elegant dinner experience, making it a classy and professional addition to any care package. In addition, it can be personalized with a message written in calligraphy or branded with your company’s logo.

Ready to show your employees how much you care? Get started on an unforgettable care package to really make them feel appreciated for all they do. Check our store for more information on Entertaining and Celebrating, and our elegant inspirations blog for more great corporate gifting ideas.