You just pulled off another successful wedding, and you know you couldn’t have done it without your superstar vendors. As a wedding planner, it’s essential to show your vendors just how much you appreciate them. After all, a true team effort led to your success. Offering your thanks will not only provide your vendors with recognition but will also make them more likely to work with you on your next wedding. So how do you thank wedding vendors? 

How to Show Appreciation to Your Vendors

Do you send thank you cards to your vendors? That’s an excellent option for a vendor who played a small part in your success. A handwritten note conveys that you cared enough to sit down and write something up to express your gratitude. You can also show appreciation to your vendors by continuing to work with them on other projects, recommending them to colleagues, leaving them a positive review online, and giving them meaningful thank you gifts. 

How Do You Thank Wedding Vendors?

Who doesn’t like to be thanked for a job well done? While words of gratitude and handwritten notes do a good job of expressing your appreciation, giving your vendors a gift is the ultimate form of thanks. Here are some great thank you gifts for your team of vendors: 

  • Personalized and Branded Coffee Table Book: Entertaining and Celebrating: An Elegant Feast for Every Season is a handcrafted coffee table book that guides readers through hosting beautiful celebrations with loved ones. It includes carefully crafted menus for all four seasons, as well as wine pairings, decor ideas, and table settings. The best part is that you can include your company’s logo and a personalized note on the inside cover. 
  • Fruit Basket: Fruit baskets are an easy gift because they come pre-packaged and beautifully prepared. Have a look at our recommendations for the best fruit basket companies for more inspiration.
  • Gift Box: Gift boxes make an excellent gift for large groups of people. They allow you to include something that everyone will like and give people the opportunity to try something new. Not sure what to put in a gift box? Consider including something from each of your vendors in a gift box that goes to all of them.
  • Bouquet of Flowers: A bouquet of flowers isn’t just for lovers. Give flowers to show gratitude to your vendors. It’s sure to brighten up their day! If you don’t think they’re the flower-loving kind, give them a house plant that’s easy to take care of instead. 

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